2019 Events Attending (Tentative)
East Coast Series (3.6 Truck-"Twisted Addiction")
June 8- Beast of the East 
June 14- Kempton Fair
July 5- Shippensburg, PA
July 13- Mason Dixon Fair 
July 20- East Coast Diesel Nationals
July 24- Lebanon Fair
July 27- Harford County Farm Fair
July 29- Schuylkill County Fair
August 9- Union County West End Fair
August 10- Buck Motorsports Park
Hot Workstock Truck (White 6.4)
June 13- Kempton Fair
June 22- NJ Truck Invasion
July 20- East Coast Diesels Nationals
Lebanon Fair
July 23- Plainfield Fair
July 24- Plainfield Fair
July 29- Schuylkill County Fair
July 30- Warren County Farmers Fair
August 8- Reading Fair
August 10- New Jersey State Fair Sussex County