Ford Racing 6.7L Diesel Turbo Kit

Ford Racing 6.7L Diesel Turbo Kit


  • 2,75000
  • Save $ 45000

This kit allows you to upgrade to the 2015-2016 6.7 Powerstroke with all the accompanying parts to upgrade the 2011-2014 turbos. Replacement 2015-2016 turbo and hardware for 6.7L diesel.

Higher performance capability than pre-2015 turbos 

  • Turbocharger assembly 
  • Lower intake manifold 
  • Exhaust heatshield
  • EGR inlet tube
  • Turbo outlet clamps 
  • Exhaust outlet tubes (RH & LH)
  • Intake shields
  • Turbo oil line
  • All gaskets including EGR
  • All fasteners, spacers, and studs 
NOTE: Use on model years other than 2015-2016 not validated by Ford Performance