About Us

Hassler Diesel was founded by Tom Hassler in 2007 in Bethel, Pennsylvania. At the age of 16, Tom found his love for working on Diesel trucks from his 1999 Ford F250 Powerstroke. He began by helping friends with their trucks and developed a tremendous online presence on various diesel forums. Tom started to receive offers from fellow bloggers and found himself working on their trucks in a pole building behind his parents house. Years later and after great success, Tom started Hassler Diesel in 2007 and moved into a new garage at a more convenient location alongside Interstate 78. Hassler Diesel maintains steady and strong business with many returning customers. Hassler Diesel specializes in Ford Powerstrokes, but has expanded its expertise into Chevrolet and Dodge vehicles. The high demand for our products has prompted the creation of our e-commerce website to better serve our customers' product and service needs. At Hassler Diesel, you can expect high quality products and services that many have already come to rely on.